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Your gifts provide the resources cbm's dedicated community workers, doctor's, therapists need to restore people trapped in poverty by disability.

Special Chair for a Child with Cerebral Palsy

It’s just a chair…but it means so much more than a place to sit

Elias, when he was only two months old, was bitten by an infected mosquito. He became so sick his mother took him to the hospital where he was diagnosed with cerebral malaria – an illness that rendered him unconscious for five days.

Once he recovered, he was dramatically weaker. No longer could Elias lift his hands or legs – there would be no turning over for this baby.

Thanks to donors like you, our local partners were able to provide physical therapy for little Elias. Community workers visit him at home, and his mother, Annia, also attends a weekly support group that provides physical therapy for the children and educational support for the mothers.

And as Elias improved - a corner chair was provided by someone like you.

Since Elias is too weak to hold himself up, a chair with a back shaped like a corner provides support on both sides to hold up his small body. Little by little, using this chair allows Elias to slowly build up his strength.

Because a donor like you gave a gift early in his life, one day he’ll be able to sit up in a regular chair.

Your donations can make a world of difference to a child like Elias living with cerebral palsy.

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Special Chair for a Child with Cerebral Palsy
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